International documentary film festival Beldocs starts on 22nd May

The Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival will be held for the 17th time from May 22 to 29 in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia.

The audience will be treated to premieres of award-winning documentary films, showcased at prestigious world festivals, and the latest Serbian documentaries. This year, the focus will be on directors Frederic Wiseman and Steve McQueen.

One of the greatest documentary filmmakers, Frederic Wiseman, premiered his new film “Menus-Plaisirs Les Troisgros” at the 80th Venice Film Festival, and now the Belgrade audience will also have the opportunity to watch it. In the documentary, the 93-year-old director embeds inside a French restaurant that’s held three Michelin stars for more than 50 years. Carefully observing the dynamics of culinary masters, Wiseman has created a film about gastronomy and small pleasures.

In “Occupied City”, British film director, Steve McQueen, takes to Amsterdam, on a journey from World War II to recent years of pandemic and protest and a provocative, life-affirming reflection on memory, time and what’s to come.

(, 18.03.2024)

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