International conference ‘Nikola Tesla, Disruptive Innovation’ in Belgrade

The second international conference ‘Nikola Tesla – Disruptive Innovation’ will take place in the Sava Center, Belgrade, between 2nd and 4th June.

This year’s main conference topics will be:

– Tesla and the nature of his creativity

– Tesla and the nature of his spirituality in the context of individual consciousness and the evolution of collective consciousness

– Tesla’s enlightenment as the active ether of global change.

There will be two workshops held on the second day of the conference. The first one will be dedicated to Tesla inspired holistic issues of creativity and education, while the second one will talk about Tesla inspired holistic phychosomatic issues particularly Tesla’s vision and discoveries in controlled altered and transitional states of consciousness.

The first conference, held in April last year and titled Nikola Tesla – History of the Future, had a great success with renowned lecturers from the US, Germany, Norway, Italy, Australia and Spain participating. A total of 1,500 visitors attended the conference. An international public discussion called “Tesla and the Nature of Creativity” was the most successful event at last year’s conference with over 50,000 people watching its live stream.

The aim of the both conferences is not only promoting the genius work of Nikola Tesla, but also dissemination of his ideas and widening of the network of contacts.

(Sava Centar Net, 05.05.2017)



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