International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade from 19th to 23rd April

The 43rd International Building Trade Fair 2017 (SEEBBE) will take place at the grounds of the Belgrade Fair from 19th to 23rd April.

The Fair will gather the leading companies from all segments of construction industry from the region and wider under one roof including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, China, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and others. The International Construction Fair in Belgrade has been a member of the Union of International Fairs (UFI), headquartered in Paris, since 1998.

The following industry segments will be exhibited at the fair – construction materials, construction machinery, chemical products in construction, prefabricated construction installations, installations used in construction of facilities, sanitary facilities, tools, floor and wall coverings, air conditioning and heating, lighting and assembly facilities.

The Fair organizers expect around 570 exhibitors from 26 countries that will present their companies on the exhibition grounds that span 35,000 square metres. The International Building Trade Fair is also an opportunity for the general public to find out about the latest trends and innovation in construction industry.

(eKapija, 10.04.2017)

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