Internal squabbles in the Democratic Party; opposing views on the boycott

In the last few days, there has been great upheaval in the Democratic Party (DS) over the decision to boycott the elections and to join Zajedno za Srbiju (the Together for Serbia Alliance – SzS), while the closest associates of the DS leader, Zoran Lutovac, who favours both the boycott and joining the SzS, are leaving him one by one.

The relations between Lutovac and his deputy, Sasa Paunovic, who wants to participate in the local elections in Paracin, are very strained and the only vice-president of the party that has remained close to Lutovac is Dragana Rakic.

The atmosphere in the party is tense after the mayor of Sabac, Nebojsa Zelenovic, also decided to participate in the elections in this city, and after the controversial anti-immigration statements coming from Bosko Obradovic’s Dveri party.

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A group of DS members who openly disagree with the policies pursued by the party leadership is growing while the demands for the DS’ withdrawal from the SzS are increasing.

To add to the confusion, three different teams from the DS have visited the party’s local branches in the last few days.

The first “team” includes MPs Balsa Bozovic, Aleksandra Jerkov and Miroslav Milojicic Kena, who believe that the DS party should urgently take a different route and leave the SzS immediately. The party president, Zoran Lutovac is in the second team, trying to get support for a boycott, and the third team comprises Paunovic and Zelenovic, who want to go to the local elections instead.

According to sources, the resolution of the ongoing problems could be expected at the DS’ main committee session, which according to the party’s articles of association should be held by the end of the month. Lutovac will probably try to secure a majority and the dissolution of more than 70 local branches instead of which he would appoint individual commissioners to run them.

(B92, 25.02.2020)


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