Inspectors find fake honey in IDEA supermarkets

The Serbian Ministry of Agriculture will demand from the IDEA supermarket to withdraw its meadow honey, marketed under the brand K Plus, from its shops because it is fake.

The honey, which price was discounted from 25th to 27th August, sold for 569 dinars per kilogramme, plus, if shoppers buy one jar of this honey, they get another one at the price of only 171 dinars which is a 70% discount.

This made some shoppers very suspicious so they contacted the relevant inspectors who reacted immediately, sampled the honey and found it was fake. Following this, the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture decided to order IDEA to remove the honey from its shelves.

“After the initial testing, we also did a so-called super-analysis which just confirmed our earlier findings, and we ordered for the honey to be removed from the shops”, says Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic. The quantity of the withdrawn honey is still not known. Also, the inspectors went to the company Aza from Ledinci near Novi Sad which packaged this honey on behalf of IDEA.

(Politika, 12.09.2017)

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