Initiative to create a ‘big Democratic Party’ finds support

The initiative to initiate the unification process and the creation of ‘a big Democratic Party’ were unanimously supported at the meeting of the party’s Central Board – the party’s officials said after the meeting.


The announcement published on the Democratic Party’s official website suggests that the initiative “received a wide support” and is “the beginning of the process of consolidation that dominantly marks the current political moment and is the driving force behind the Democratic Party’s being transformed into the strongest gravitation force in the civil, democratic spectrum. “

The press release goes on to say that the vote was preceded by the presentation given by the President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac, who outlined the main directions of further action, emphasizing that the unification of progressive, democratic parties was rooted in demands that had been heard during the civil protests, and that they give impulse to the reaffirmation of the idea that the Democrats had never abandoned.

“This idea is now ripe to be implemented despite similar attempts made before. Now, the prevailing conditions are such that they give us a sense of historical maturity, determination, and unity to fight to achieve stable state and institutions in full democratic capacity,” Lutovac said.

He underlined that the unification of the democratic bloc had nothing with personal ambitions or political figures, but rather about the programme. The idea was supported by the members of the party’s Central Board. In the first part of the meeting, which was open to the public, the president of the party submitted a report on the quarterly activities of the party.


(Danas, 03.03.2019)


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