Initiative from Novi Sad that we should all join

Three residents of Novi Sad – Lea Bodor (age 20), Strahinja Tijanic (age 20) and Valerija – have decided to do something noble for their fellow citizens, and have created a Facebook group Just Give with the only purpose of selflessly helping other people.

Via this group, people in Novi Sad give away things that they don’t need any more to the people who need them. You can even post that you need something, and rest assured someone will come forward to give that to you.

“The initial and main purpose of this Facebook page is to give away things that you no longer use. All of us have many things lying around in our homes that are just taking up space and that we are not using. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them to someone in the group who needs them. Also, if you are in a need of something, you can reach out to people and ask them to provide it for you. Selfless giving – that is the point of the Just Give group”, Lea Bodor, one of the page’s administrators, explains.

The group was created three years ago, and currently has around 10,000 members. The things that are offered the most are clothes, furniture, footwear, books and toys. The things that are most in demand vary, and they can be anything from computer memory cards and plastic washbowls to sun loungers and furniture. One of the group’s members made a gift for Lea – a disco ball that she needed for a party. Also, immaterial things are given away.

“From time to time, someone decides to provide a service or information for free. We also like to share information about free events in the town, and we are especially pleased when our members offer free services like doing makeup, manicures, hair appointments, photographing an event, phone or computer system installation etc.”, Lea adds.

All these people that give are doing so without wanting anything in return. They are doing it purely from the goodness of their heart. Sometimes the two sides (the giver and the taker) strike a friendship.

As for the Just Give administrators, they all lead different lives.

“We lead very active lives. Strahinja studies psychology and is a talented musician. He is also the president of a youth organization in Novi Sad. Valerija is a professor, but also a great cook who specializes in desserts. Also, she has been writing poetry for a very long time. I study pedagogy, work in my favourite bar, am an amateur photographer and  participate in various international conferences whenever I can”, Lea Bodor says.

 (Noizz, 02.07.2017)

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