Information Technology Firm DevLogic Opens Offices in Serbia

Another international technology firm is opening offices in Belgrade: DevLogic, which develops software solutions for high-tech products.

The company’s new offices are 3500 m2 and the first sixty employees have recently begun work. The company, which will operate under a new name, Symphony, was founded ten years ago and has offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Sarajevo. The founder and the owner of the company, Haris Memic, declared that opening offices in Belgrade also means taking full advantage of the human capital in nearby countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, which have many talented workers in the IT sector. “There are many hidden talents here and many young workers who can offer services that provide added value for our clients. When we first considered the question of where to open offices, Serbia was the most logical answer. We have the same mentality and a similar culture, and so it was simpler to open a new development center here.” Memic said that he also hopes to open other development centers in the less-developed European countries and that he intends to open satellite offices where his company’s employees and collaborators can work while away from the office. “For example, someone who is based in Belgrade can also work from Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. We would like to have more development centers in countries such as the Netherlands and Germany as well.”

Ivan Dragošan, director of the company’s Belgrade offices, stated that the objective is to bring smart and talented young people together in a way that makes them happy at work. Dragošan explained that the company focuses on very specific and advanced projects and has a partnership with Google for the development of Google Glass. DevLogic-Symphony also develops software for ODG, Oculus Rift, Philips smart watches, and High Five Web Solution, as well as software used in the visors worn by NASA astronauts in the International Space Station.

DevLogic-Symphony employees will have access to relaxation and recreation spaces inside the offices such as a tennis court, pool, gym, sauna, video game room, and relaxation room.

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