Information about owed taxes in one place as of 1 January

From 1st January, citizens and companies will have an electronic overview of their tax obligations and tax debt on a government-run website.

The Vecernje Novosti daily reports that citizens will be able to have insight into their tax obligations by simply entering their JMBG (personal identity number), and this service will also be available to companies that will receive the wanted information by entering their unique tax number (PIB).

 As the Director of the government’s IT and Electronic Administration Office, Mihailo Jovanovic points out, the process of transferring the information from local databases to the single information system is underway.

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 “We have built a central server and secured equipment that will store the information from all the databases of local self-governments, a total of 145, as well as local tax administrations, and we are going to centralize them in one place,” Jovanovic said.

 Jovanovic explains that municipalities and cities will continue to work as before, i.e. they will work in their local systems, as well as have an access to the new system in Belgrade.

 “Local governments will retain their autonomy because tax rates are not the same for each municipality,” he added.

Apart from property tax, the single tax information system will also contain the data on self-contributions, environmental and communal taxes.

(, 25.09.2018)



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