Inflation in Serbia falls for the first time this year

In April this year, compared to the same month last year, inflation stood at 15.1 percent, the State Statistics Office announced yesterday.

The inflation is lower compared to the one in March (16.2 percent year-on-year), which indicates a slight drop in consumer prices in our country. This is also the lowest inflation this year, which was 15.8 percent in January and 16.1 percent in February.

Observed on a monthly basis, the prices of personal consumption products and services in April 2023, increased by 0.7 percent on average compared to March while, compared to December 2022, consumer prices in April increased by 4.4 percent on average.

As usual, food prices have gone up the most – 24.3 percent – with milk, cheese and eggs prices going up by 39.6 percent, followed by bread and cereals 23.8 percent, meat 17.7, fish 20.3, cooking oil and fats 23.1, fruit 14.1, and vegetables 26.3. In one year, water, electricity, and gas prices went up by 14.4 percent.

Observed by the main groups of products and services classified according to the purpose of consumption, in April 2023, compared to the previous month, price increases were recorded in clothing and footwear (2.6 percent), health care services (1.5), home furnishings (1.2), alcoholic beverages and tobacco (0.9), non-alcoholic beverages, recreation and culture (by 0.7 each), communications (0.6), restaurants and hotels (0.5), transport (0.2) and education (0.1).

(Politika, 13.05.2023)

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