Infantry ammunition factory opened in Serbia

After 40 years, Serbia finally has an infantry ammunition factory which was opened in the village of Uzici near Pozega. The factory was officially opened by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, while the newly appointed Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin shot the first bullet produced in the factory.

“After almost 14 months, in the place where there was only forest, now we have one of the best ammunition factories that is going to produce 100 million small caliber bullets annually”, Vucic said at the opening, and added that, at first, the factory would employ 47 people with the plan to hire additional 250 workers by the year end, and another 470 in the future.

The Serbian military industry currently has 11,000 employees that generate $474 million worth of revenue each year, and we are counting on this amount exceeding a billion dollars by 2020 – the Serbian President also said.

He went on to say that the Serbian authorities had spoken about the Bosnian officials about the production of small caliber ammunition with the view of cooperating with a Bosnian ammunition factory in the town of Konjic. However, that plan fell through so new plans for a construction of an ammunition factory in Serbia were put in place.

Speaking about the defence industry, the President also said that it would expand further because the market had been growing, as have the needs of the Serbian Army which has to stay abreast of the global defence trends.

“We have to keep up in order to preserve peace and security which is also the reason why we have to sell more of the ammunition and weapons produced in our country”, Vucic said.

 (Politika, 01.07.2017)

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