Increasingly fewer companies in Serbia are advertising on social networks

Most companies in the EU used online services in 2021, 78% of them used online services in the form of a website, 59% social media and 22% e-commerce, reports Eurostat.

In addition, the majority of companies in the EU with at least 10 employees (94% of them) used a landline broadband connection to access the Internet. Although most companies have a presence on social networks, some use them more actively; for example, most companies in Spain decided to advertise on them last year, i.e. 26%.

More than 20% of companies used social networks for this purpose in Finland, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Ireland, in Hungary only 3% and in Bulgaria 4%. In Serbia, last year, 7% of companies used this opportunity, a decrease from the previous year, when the percentage was 12, but also compared to 2014, when 10% advertised on social media.

Last year, companies in Denmark were the most engaged in online sales, as many as 38% of them made money this way, in Ireland and Sweden 34%, in Lithuania 32%, in Croatia 30%. All of these countries saw a slight increase over 2020, some even increasing over 2019, but in most countries, the percentage of companies engaged in online sales decreased over 2019, which was the last year before the pandemic.

In Serbia, 27% of companies used e-commerce last year, 26% a year earlier and 29% in 2019. This is above the EU average, which in this segment is penalized by countries such as Luxembourg or Bulgaria, where only 9 or 10% of companies use online sales channels.

(Danas, 23.01.2022)

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