Increasing number of people in Serbia see Hungary as best friend in EU

According to the latest survey conducted by the Institute for European Affairs, people in Serbia believe that Greece and Hungary are Serbia’s best friends among the EU country, while Serbia has the best neighbourly relations with Hungary.

A quarter of people in Serbia (24 percent) consider Greece to be Serbia’s greatest friend while 16 percent cited Hungary, twice as many as a year ago. On the other hand, there is a steady decline in the number of those who cite Germany as the country’s best friend (7 percent), while 18 percent of respondents consider Germany to be Serbia’s greatest adversary in the EU.

The largest number of respondents believe that Croatia is Serbia’s greatest adversary (22%), followed by Great Britain (21%). Almost 1/3 of respondents think that among neighbouring countries, Serbia has the best relations with Hungary, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (21%) and North Macedonia (11%).

45% of respondents support Serbia joining the EU and these are mostly highly educated people living in urban areas, while 43% hold the opposite opinion. This is the lowest percentage of those who support membership and the highest percentage of those who do not support it compared to previous surveys.

More than half, or 60 percent of respondents, believe that Serbia benefits from cooperation with the EU while 27 percent believe the opposite.

If a referendum were held tomorrow, people in Serbia would vote in favour of becoming an EU member, but with the largest number of opponents to membership ever recorded and the largest number of undecided. 41 percent of respondents would vote for membership, 39 percent against, and 7 percent are undecided.

(Novi Magazin, 10.05.2022)


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