Incentives for foreign investors criticized by parliamentary opposition

Yesterday afternoon, Serbian MPs were debating about the amendments to the draft state budget for next year with an emphasis on subsidies for foreign investments. Some of the opposition parties deem the subsidies to be nontransparent and too high.

The MPs from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) dismissed those claims, as did the Economy Minister Goran Knezevic who said that the 2017 budget contained the list of investors eligible for subsidies and that the individual subsidy amount could be seen on the Ministry of Finance’s website.

Earlier, head of the Dveri caucus in the parliament, Bosko Obradovic said that, as a result of 11-billion-dinars worth of subsidies for foreign investors, Serbian economy was put in a really bad position particularly in those economic segments where domestic investors could ‘do the job’ as good as the foreign ones.

Obradovic also warned about a possibility of foreign investors, after they had been granted a subsidy, falsely reporting loss at the end of the business year and thus avoid paying taxes to Serbia.

Head of the Dosta je Bilo (DJB) caucus, Sasa Radulovic pointed out that Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac was one of the subsidy recipients, and demanded from the ministers to explain what did this ‘detrimental agreement’ actually stipulate.

Head of the Democratic Party (DS) caucus, Goran Ciric suggested that some of the money intended for the subsidies should be re-directed towards free school lunches and financial support to the most talented young people.

(Blic, 08.12.2016)

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