In which part of Belgrade should you buy an apartment?

Whether the owner plans to rent it out, renovate it and sell it at a higher price, or wait for its value to increase and then decide what to do with it, real estate is, in any case, the most common choice for investment.

Real estate prices have been growing for some time, as have interest rates on housing loans, so many would say that now is not the right time to buy an apartment. Still, there are locations that real estate experts say are worth considering even now – mainly Surčin and those along the future subway lines.

Real estate agent, appraiser and court expert Milić Đoković says that there are several popular locations for buying real estate, mainly in Surčin and in neighbourhoods through which subway lines will run.

As he points out, real estate prices can jump drastically, up to 20 or 30 percent, when large-scale infrastructure projects are carried out in a certain location.

Surčin is one of Belgrade’s municipalities that will be the epicentre of such projects – Expo Centre, construction of a national stadium and re-location of Belgrade Fair’s premises to this area.

“Wherever large-scale projects are being implemented and there is a lot of unused building land, an investment will pay off. If everything is built as announced, the prices of real estate here will jump,” says Đoković.

“Before Serbia won the nomination to host the Expo, real estate in Sručin cost around 1,300 euros per square metre. Now it’s 1,500 euros, even though the Expo is a long way off (2027),” Đoković adds.

Subway route

“Even though the subway has not been built yet, the locations through which it will pass will prove to be profitable for investors in real estate, even when it comes to more distant locations. Once the construction of the subway was announced, the price of real estate in Mirijevo, for instance, jumped from 1,300 euros per square metre to 1,700 euros,” says Đoković.

“The same thing will happen in Čukarica, Jakovo and Ledine”, Đoković estimates.

Karaburma, Zemun and Savski Venac are also locations through which the subway lines will run.

Therefore, whoever buys any type of real estate in these locations – apartment, house or land – will profit once the aforementioned infrastructure projects are finished.

As far as the subway route is concerned, the price of a square metre of real estate in Mirijevo costs 1,700, in Čukarica 1,900, in Ledine 1,800, in Karaburma 2,000 and in Zemun 2,200 euros.

The average price of real estate in Sava Venac, through which the subway will also run, is currently around 3,500 euros per square metre. The prices here jumped once the Belgrade Waterfront, which territorially belongs to the Savski Venac municipality, was developed.

“If you are planning to buy an apartment as an investment, i.e. to sell it later, you should primarily focus on apartments under construction,” says Nikola Čobić, a real estate agent at the City Expert real estate agency.

Čobić adds that a potential buyer should find a tried and tested real estate developer, who has already successfully built something and buy an apartment under construction because then the prices are usually much lower.

(Nova, 03.10.2023)

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