In Serbia the number of migrants has increased by around 30%

According to data from the Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, the number of migrants in Serbia has increased by about 30% compared to the same period last year.

“Between 150 and 200 migrants enter our country every day; others leave Serbia and there are constantly about 1,000 migrants without accommodation,” said the director of the Centre for the Protection and Assistance to Asylum Seekers, Rados Djurovic.

At the moment, there are 16 reception and asylum centres in which 5,263 migrants are accommodated. 

The Commissioner says that most of the migrants are located outside the centres on the northern border of the country, where, according to their estimates, there are about 500 of them.

Migrants mostly come from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and North and East Africa. Djurovic points out that the number of Syrian migrants has increased, and that more than 10% of all migrants arriving are now Syrians, with the number growing.

There are over 8,000 migrants in Serbia at any given moment, as well as those who use our country for transit, wanting to reach Hungary, Romania and very often Croatia.

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of migrants has not decreased but rather increased,” Djurovic said.

According to him, the problem is that migrants from neighbouring countries are “pushed” into Serbia by the hundreds a day.

Those people who are forced into Serbia, as Djurovic says, have not been legally made to leave, “but rather forced to cross the border and find themselves in Serbia”.

“This creates an uncomfortable situation and causes great frustration to people trying to get in and out. It’s like playing ping-pong with people along the southern and northern borders and in this sense the situation is far from calm,” concludes Djurovic.

(Nova, 30.09.2020)




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