In Serbia people live with their parents until the age of 40

Two-thirds of young people in Serbia live with their parents and more than 60 per cent have no income, according to research conducted by Krovna Organizacija Mladih Srbije (The Umbrella Youth Organization of Serbia).

In Serbia, it is very rare for a young person who is 18 years of age to take care of themselves. According to Eurostat, young people in Serbia only leave their parents when they are into their 30s.

One of the reasons is money. “I would like to live independently, but I don’t know when that will be. First I have to find a job”, are some of the answers young people give, reports RTS.

“Young people do not have the opportunity to own property, even if they have a good job. Also, rentals are quite expensive too. According to the research, it is mainly the parents who finance the rent and mortgage instalments, which is a big problem for young people”, says sociologist Milica Vesković Andjelković.

Sociologists point out that one of the reasons for this late separation from parents is the fact that Serbia belongs to the Mediterranean circle of countries where strong family ties are cultivated. Those who separated from their parents late, or even never, are stuck between childhood and adulthood and they usually fear personal responsibility and accountability, psychologists say.

Italians, Maltese and Spaniards also live with their parents well into their 30s. The Swedes, for example, are completely different and leave their parents even before coming of age.

(Vesti Online, 26.08.2021)


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