In Serbia another 62 cases positive for COVID-19; three people have died

Over the past 24 hours, three patients died in Serbia, raising the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country to 218, the Crisis Team told a news conference on Monday.

The Ministry said that 5,012 samples were tested since Sunday.

The Crisis Team said a total of 10,176 were infected out of 145,604 people tested since the beginning of the pandemic out of 145,604.

Number of hospitalised stands at 1,123, 29 of whom are on ventilators, while 3,290 people have recovered.

The mortality rate is 2.14 per cent.

Chief epidemiologist Predrag Kon warns that the epidemiological situation is still uncertain, although deaths are no longer expected in June, and perhaps even earlier.

When asked how he assessed the current situation with the epidemic, Kon reiterated that the epidemiological situation was not totally stable, since there was still an occasional rise in the number of people infected with the virus in certain parts of the country.

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“We have other indicators indicating some instability, but the trend is clear and the virus is dying out,” he underlined.

He also said that caution is needed at this time, but that people also need to return to normal life.

“This might sound contradictory, but we must return to living a normal life while adhering to protective measures. The elderly still have to take care of themselves, and the younger ones have to take care of the older ones”.

Kon stressed that we are currently in week 10 of the epidemic and that there will only be sporadic cases in weeks 11 and 12.

“When the number of people tested positive to the virus falls below 0.5%, we can say that the disease has now become sporadic. However, we expect the epidemic to completely subside in June,” he concluded.

(RTV, 11.05.2020)

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