In May, 2,196,372 people in Serbia were employed

According to the latest data from 15 May, the State Statistical Office says that there are a total of 2,196,372 employees in Serbia, i.e. 6,988 more than on 27 February, the last date when this information was compiled before the state of emergency was introduced.

The Statistical Office has said that the official source of employment data in Serbia is the registered employment survey based on the database of the Central Register of Mandatory Insurance (CROSO) and the Statistic Business Register (SPR).

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As the only official producer of employment statistics, the Statistical Office states that the Workforce Survey is the only official source of total employment data, which also includes informal employment; this is to avoid the frequent public disputes about employment in Serbia.

Comparing the concepts of registered work and work from the registers of the Tax Administration and the Social Security and Disability Insurance Fund, the Statistical Office states that the work on the CROSO registers includes persons insured on the basis of employment, self-employment, persons engaged in temporary and occasional work, as well as agricultural workers up to the age of 65.

The Office added that these categories include individual farmers, persons working under job contracts, self-employed persons, owners of companies and businesses who do not earn a salary but have a share in profit, and employees on sick leave of more than 30 days, maternity leave, and childcare leave.

The Statistical Office also states that, using international methodologies and standards, it issues official and internationally comparable data.

(RTV, 27.05.2020)

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