In his congratulatory note, Biden urges Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence

US President Joseph Biden sent a letter of congratulations to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, on the Statehood Day of Serbia, in which he said the following: “We remain steadfast in supporting Serbia’s goal of European integration and we encourage you to continue to take difficult steps towards that goal – including introducing the necessary reforms and reaching a comprehensive normalization agreement with Kosovo, which is focused on mutual recognition.”

The United States remains permanently committed to improving economic cooperation with Serbia, regional stability and democratic values, US President Joe Biden said.

„On behalf of the American people, I extend my sincere congratulations to you and your fellow citizens on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Serbia on February 15,“ the congratulatory message reads.

Bearing in mind 140 years of partnership between our two countries, the United States remains permanently committed to advancing economic cooperation, regional stability and democratic values, Biden wrote.

„The strength of our relations is based on the deep history of ties between our peoples who fought as allies in both world wars, and we greatly appreciate the great contribution that Serbs have made to American society in many areas,“ the US president wrote.

For diplomats, however, there is nothing controversial in the note. Zoran Milivojevic says that the congratulatory note of the US President, which, in this case, is a political document, clearly shows the intentions regarding the US foreign policy and relations with Serbia.

“For me, this was expected, and it is in line with what we could have guessed from the election campaign, but also from the Democrats’ policy, which Biden announced. This is the first clear policy document from which we can recognize the position of the US administration regarding relations with Serbia, but also other issues in the region,” says Milivojevic.

He says that congratulatory notes, as a rule, reflect the political position regarding relations with a country.

(Nova, 08.02.2021)


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