In Belgrade the latest performance by Marina Abramovic: 5,000 people hugging each other in silence

As part of the Čistač exhibition, Marina Abramovic brought together more than 5,000 people last night in a sort of public lecture in the park opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, where she shared details of her life, creations and performances.

“No visual artist has ever performed in front of such an audience, as far as I know. So this is a very special night for me. Interaction with the audience creates artistic performances and without you, I wouldn’t exist,” the artist said.

After the welcome speech, Marina Abramovic began her lecture with a speech in which she underlined that artists do not become, but are born as such.

“As living beings, we simply breathe, and when we stop breathing we no longer exist. The same goes for creating. When you wake up you have ideas and those ideas become an obsession and become bigger and bigger, which is why you simply feel a restlessness in your stomach and are unable to do anything except go to your studio and work on their realization. This is the sign that you are an artist,” she said.

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She also pointed out that sacrifice, suffering and loneliness were necessary if you want to stand out and become the best in what you do.

“An artist should not be considered an idol. Narcissism, which is a very common occurrence among us, becomes a barrier between the artist and their work,” she went on to say.

Marina then shared her childhood and youth photos with the public and commented on the crucial stages of her work.

“Performance is an immaterial type of art. When you work at the theatre, you can have a fake knife as a stage object, but in the performance everything is realistic, the body is the body, a razor blade is a razor blade, blood is blood. No acting, everything is the reality. The artist in front of the audience must be present in body and mind at a given moment and in a given space where an exchange of energy takes place; the audience hears everything that the artist is experiencing at that moment. Energy becomes the object of the exchange; it is the public itself that makes a performance because the exhibition cannot be experienced in the same way as a documented form,” Marina Abramovic added.

The artist then performed the AAA-AAA piece with over 5,000 people, gathering in the park in front of the museum, uttering noise. Then she invited everyone present to stand up, close their eyes and put the palms of their hands on the shoulder of the person next to them, to share their unconditional love. The performance lasted seven minutes.

Then Abramovic thanked the audience, saying:”This was the biggest event of my life. I love you and I will never forget this evening.”

(Nedeljnik, 29.09.2019)



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