Imported used cars 30% more expensive

The price of used cars in Serbia will grow by at least 30% this spring, experts say. There are several reasons for that – customs have changed the import tariffs and now only vehicles that meet all environmental standards can be imported.

The prices of used cars in Western Europe, from which Serbian car dealers usually import, have also gone up because of the pandemic. The average German, experts say, now thinks of keeping an old car that works instead of buying one that is two or three years old, because the waiting lists for buying certain new models are up to six months long.

“We expected car prices to go down with the start of the pandemic, however, from last year to date, vehicles are getting increasingly expensive and the delivery of new cars has slowed down too,” said Jovan Radic, an expert on importing vehicles from EU countries.

There is a solution: anyone who wants to buy a good, well-maintained car with a service history should go to an authorised importer and buy one through the ‘old-for-new’ system. The price will be slightly higher, but the buyer won’t have to worry about exhaust emissions or the warranty.

“I think it is better to buy a used car here than to import it because you know its service history which details all the repairs and maintenance done it. This is a much better option than importing cars from abroad as we don’t know their service history,” argues Dusan Cincar, an automotive analyst.

Another interesting thing, experts say, is that luxurious used cars, which cost over 50,000 euro, have become very popular in terms of import and make 30% of all imported cars. Taxes on these cars are lower and cars that are five years old and have a Euro 5 engine are sold at quite favourable prices.

(RTS, 15.04.2021)



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