IMF wants 5% hike in electricity price

The IMF Mission will recommend an increase in the price of electricity by up to 5% from this summer, as the World Bank’s analysis for 2018 has shown that the price of a kilowatt of electricity in Serbia is among the lowest in Europe.

The daily writes that there are indications that, due to the social conditions, the Serbian side will insist on the increase is smaller, that is, around 3%.

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The exact percentage will be known after negotiations with the IMF Mission, which arrives in Serbia on Friday, May 10th, led by the new head, Jan Kees Martijn.

A source close to the IMF said that, at this time, neither EPS nor the Serbian negotiation delegation will be able to avoid discussing the price increase, although it has been officially announced that the topic of the negotiations will be structural reforms in public companies. 

(B92, 08.05.2019)

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