IMF: Reduction in number of civil servants required

The IMF Resident Representative in Serbia Sebastian Sosa stated that around 6,500 people more were supposed to leave the public sector by the end of the year. As he said, this means fewer than initially planned, but since the collection of public revenues has improved, this won’t cause risks to fiscal goals in 2016.

Sebastian Sosa said at the conference in the National Bank of Serbia that the “net reduction in the number of employees” in the public sector had amounted to 16,000 people in the period from late 2014 till May 2016.

– This helped put a rein on fiscal expenses – he said.

Talking about public enterprises, he said that there were talks about reorganization plans for EPS, including the number of employees, and that negotiations were in progress in other enterprises as well, such as the Serbian Railways.

– Some progress might be made in that field too and soon – he said.

Sosa emphasized that salary and pension expenditures were high and that they made up a large part of total expenditures, which is why efforts to rein in expenditure in that field were always important.

(eKapija, 04.09.2016)

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