IKEA urgently recalls gas hobs over increased CO level

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has announced that it would recall for repair gas hobs sold across Europe, including Serbia, because their carbon monoxide emissions are above the allowed limits.

In its press release, IKEA urged customers to stop using the rapid burner placed in the upper right of any version of the Eldslaga model. It says the decision was “a precautionary measure,” adding there have been no reported incidents.

“Due to the human error of the supplier, the wrong gas injector is installed in the rapid burner, which generates the level of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions that are above the EU regulations. The research shows that there is no increased risk of fire or explosion. IKEA has not received any incident reports as yet”, the company’s press release reads.

IKEA said Tuesday that customers who bought an Eldslaga, which is sold Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Serbia, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and Iceland, before 1st January, 2018 should contact its customer service. It said a home visit by a service technician is required.

The customer service phone number in Serbia is 011 / 7555 – 444.

The company would also like to apologize for any inconvenience and thank everyone for their understanding.

(B92, 24.04.2018)


Photo credit: IKEA



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