IKEA to open its doors on Thursday

Regional Development Director of IKEA Southeast Europe, Vladislav Lalic says that their department store in Bubanj Potok will officially open on Thursday, at 10 am.

The department store employs 330 workers who have already completed their training, while IKEA Serbia has a total of 416 employees, including those working for the company’s regional office that covers Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

IKEA currently has only one Serbian supplier, and Lalic says that the company would love to have more Serbian suppliers, and that negotiations regarding that are pending. He also says that he would like Serbian suppliers to produce for IKEA store’s around the world too.

Although IKEA’s department store in Belgrade is quite big, Lalic says that the company is working towards opening a retail centre, spanning 40,000 square metres, right next to the store, which will cost around 60 million EUR to build and will employ around 400 people.

Speaking about possible opening of another department store in Serbia, Lalic explains that the company has been working on acquiring a land plot between the Zmaj petrol station and Belgrade airport. The dynamic of opening this store will depend on how well the current store operates. IKEA expects at least 2 million shoppers to come to their department store during the first year.

There will be an option of buying IKEA products online, and the company will do its best for the prices to be as competitive as possible, Lalic concludes.

(Danas, 06.08.2017)


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