IKEA rewards employee loyalty

IKEA Group’s Loyalty Programme will pay additional 10.9 million dinars towards pension insurance for 72 of their employees in Serbia to thank them for their loyalty to the company.

This amounts to 151,600 dinars per worker. “We believe that loyalty should be rewarded and that we should show gratitude towards our employees who are sticking with us and continuing to contribute to the company’s success”, says General Manager of IKEA for Southeast Europe, Stefan Vanoverbeke.

He also pointed out that IKEA workers know how appreciative the company was of their experience and dedication, adding that he was proud of the fact that IKEA would pay additional 10.9 million dinars towards pension insurance for his colleagues.

Employees that have been with the Swedish company for at least five years are eligible to participate in the loyalty programme aptly called “Tack!” (“Thank you” in Swedish) and receive additional payments towards their pension insurance. This loyalty programme was introduced in 2013, and so far, the Swedish furniture manufacturer has spent 509 million EUR worldwide on it.

Every employee gets the same amount regardless of his job or current salaries, while part-time workers get the amount that corresponds to the number of their working hours.

(RTS, 06.12.2017)



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