Ikea plans to build more facilities in Serbia

Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Zoran Djordjevic stated on September 19 during his visit to IKEA department store together with Ambassador of Sweden Jan Lundin that there was a plan to build another two such facilities in the next five years and that the investments would reach a total of EUR 200 million, leading to new employments as well.

Djordjevic said that the arrival of IKEA opened doors for other big investments in Serbia as well, which means a direct contribution to a better standard and the creation of new jobs, the press release says.

– The plan is for another two facilities to be raised in the next five years, one of which would be like the current IKEA facility and should be located on the other side of the city. The total value of investments will reach EUR 200 million, and the good news for our citizens is that this will lead to new employments. I believe that their plans will be realized and that 1,200 people will find a job – Djordjevic said.

Ambassador Lundin thanked Minister Djordjevic for his visit and announced that IKEA would gradually expand its business in Serbia and expand its network of cooperation with other companies.

– To Sweden, IKEA is something remarkably positive when it comes to trade relations between our countries – the ambassador emphasized and added that the opening of IKEA in Serbia was “another step forward in the economic relations of Serbia and Sweden”.

Djordjevic said that Sweden and Serbia cooperated will and noted that the cooperation could be much better and more intensive, especially the economic cooperation. 

He reminded that IKEA was one of the biggest investments in Serbia with EUR 60 million invested up till then and that IKEA employed 330 people at the moment.

(eKapija, 20.09.2017)


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