If the elections were today, SNS would win convincingly

“If the elections were to take place today, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would win convincingly with 59.8% of the votes,” said the director of the Ipsos poll agency, Marko Uljarevic.

“We are not talking about elections in a year, two or three. If the elections were today, the SNS party would have won 59.8% of the votes, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) 8.5%, the Freedom and Justice Party 4.2%, the POKS 3.2% and the Dosta je Bilo party of Sasa Radulović 3%. These parties would pass the election threshold, while others such as Dveri and the Democratic Party (DS) would still be below it,” Uljarevic said.

When it comes to people trusting in the country’s president, Uljarevic explains says the following:

“Vučić continues to have stable ratings in the polls, and in the previous eight and a half years, the support for him fell below 40 per cent only for one month. At one point, Vojislav Kostunica was at 80%, but his popularity did not last long. Djindjic was at 49% after 5th October political upheaval and then dropped to 28%. After he was killed, his popularity went up to 69%, and after that he was around 50% for a long time”.

Uljarevic goes on to say that, at this moment, about 3 million people would vote, while 700,000 people would think about it, are undecided for whom to vote or not sure whether to vote at all.

(Blic, 27.06.2021)


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