If Thaci is convicted, that would confirm that NATO collaborated with a war criminal

The trial of Hashim Thaci is of historical importance, not only for the Balkans but also for the West as a whole, says journalist Michael Martens for the Blic daily.

According to him, if the former leader of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army and former Kosovo president, is found guilty, that would imply that NATO fought against Milosevic’s regime in 1999 with the help of a war criminal.

Martens is the Southern Europe correspondent of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and it was he who pointed out some incredible details following the trial against Thaci and others in The Hague, which started on Monday, in an interesting series of tweets on his Twitter account.

Does the case raise the question of the process against Thaci being actually a process against NATO? What does that have to do with the fact that Thaci is being defended by a dream team of lawyers and that the Kosovo government allocated 16 million euros from the budget for Thaci’s defence?

Thaci’s conviction would, as Martens argues, have far-reaching historical significance.

“If Thaci is found guilty, that would imply that, in 1999, NATO fought against the crimes of the Milosevic regime with the help of another war criminal. This does not mean that NATO’s intervention was wrong – but that the story from 1999 would have gained an additional element that historians will not be able to ignore,” Martens pointed out.

When asked why he thinks that the process against Thaci is, in effect, a process against NATO or can it turn into one, Martens answers:

“If Thaci is convicted, this verdict will indirectly affect NATO as well. Not legally, but politically. It would not imply that NATO was waging a criminal war (I still believe that the war was a lesser of two evils in 1999), but rather it would imply that NATO was cooperating with an organization that, according to an international court judgement, was involved in war crimes”.

(B92, 05.04.2023)


Photo credits: TANJUG/Koen van Weel/Pool via AP

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