Iceland is the safest country in the world – What about Serbia?

Iceland tops the list of the safest countries in the world, followed by Denmark and Ireland, according to the latest Global Peace Index, collated by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Iceland is considered the safest country for vacationing tourists, as it is rated as politically stable with a low crime rate.

The report represents the most comprehensive analysis done on the basis of data so far on peace, its economic value and the way of developing peaceful societies. In the preparation of the report, 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators are taken into account, including the perception of criminality, the murder rate, violent demonstrations, political instability, weapons trade, the influence of terrorism, the possibility of the use of nuclear and heavy weapons, etc.

On the list of 163 countries, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Portugal, Slovenia, Japan and Switzerland are among the top 10.

Serbia is in 65th place, and of the countries in the region, Slovenia (8) is ranked the best, followed by Croatia (14), North Macedonia (38), Montenegro (45) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (61).

The United States of America is in 131st place, Great Britain in 37th place, and Germany in 15th place.

Afghanistan (163), Yemen (162), Syria (161), but also Russia (158) and Ukraine (157) were marked as the least safe.

The report states that the average level of peace in the world has worsened by 0.42 percent, which is the ninth consecutive year that global peace has worsened. Also, last year, 84 countries recorded an improvement, while 79 countries recorded worse peace conditions.

The conflict in Ukraine was identified as the main cause of the deterioration of peace.

(Biznis i Finansije, 20.08.2023)


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