ICE presents the “Wines from South Italy in the Balkans” event

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The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) will organize several events in Belgrade in mid-February for fans, connoisseurs and importers of wine, as well as for restaurants, sommeliers and the media. At these events, ICE will present the indigenous grape varieties and wines from Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily. This promotion of wines from Southern Italy in Belgrade is an integral part of the Piano Export Sud (The South’s Export Plan).

The “Wines from South Italy in the Balkans” event starts with the Wine Days at Mercator Hypermarket in Novi Beograd, and supermarkets IDEA Usce and IDEA Beogradjanka on 10th February. Until 12th February, shoppers will be able to taste these wines at the said supermarkets.

From 13th to 28th February, the event continues at selected restaurants where the guests will not only be able the taste the wines from the four Italian regions, but also enjoy in a special menu that will be put together by chefs from the five renowned Belgrade restaurants – Madera, Dva Jelena, Trattoria Campania, Rustique, and Klub Književnika – thus fusing the best tastes and aromas from Southern Italy.

During three days (16th, 17th and 18th February), the 12 selected wine shops – Baltasar, Wine Art Cellar in Novi Beograd and in Višnjićeva Street, Srpska Kuća Vina 2, Vino i Tako To (in Njegoševa and Mileševska streets in Belgrade, and in Maksima Gorkog Street in Novi Sad), Compania de Vinos, Pampour Bar, Steak & Wine Bar, Wine and Pleasure, and Cantina del Vino – will hold tasting and promotional events, and special dinners. Also, some of the top wines will be sold at discounted prices during these three days.

On 16th February, the ICE will hold a unique presentation of 8 selected wines at the Metro HoReCa Centres in Vidikovac. Sommelier and Editor-in-Chief of Vino & Fino Magazine, Igor Lukovic will host the presentation. The famous enologist and one of the top wine experts in Italy, Barbara Tamburini will be the honourable guest at the presentation. Ms Tamburini’s expertise is well-known worldwide and she is a consultant for over 150 wine producers. When she visited Serbia last time, in November 2016, she held a master class for wine producers.

On 20th February, the tasting of the ten selected wines from Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily will take place at the Ellington’s Club at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The tasting session is for people attending the sommelier classes, and the members the Serbian Association of Sommeliers (SERSA).  

On 21st February, twenty six wine makers from the four Italian regions will present their wineries at the event called Borsa vini del sud Italia which will take place in the Crystal Salon of the Hyatt Hotel. Over 50 different companies that are in the wine business from 10 countries will also attend the event, as chosen by the ICE’s offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Tirana, Sofia, Bucharest, and Budapest. These are some of the biggest importers and distributors of wine in their respective countries.

By the way, for years, Italy has been the biggest global producer and exporter of wine, and it has been estimated that the country produced 48.5 million hectolitres of wine in 2016.

The “Wines from South Italy in the Balkans” event was officially opened by the Italian Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Giuseppe Manzo on 9th February in the HQ of ICE in Belgrade and the Italian Institute of Culture, both located in the building called the Italian Palace.

(eKapija, 09.02.2017)

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