Hungary’s Szegedi SZEFO to open a textile factory in Bac

The Hungarian textile company, Szegedi SZEFO is planning to put the former textile factory of the Slavija Company in Bac in function by summer.

The Hungarian investor plans to hire around 100 workers who will work in two shifts.

“In the next period, the investor is going to recruit the workers and train them in two stages – the first part of the training will be in Bac, and the second in our production facility in Szeged. Also, the equipment for the factory is expected to arrive next week, and the investor is probably going to recruit the first group of women to work in our facility then too. According to the job office in Bac, there are currently 715 unemployed women at the moment. After the employer interviews them and tests their sewing skills, they are going to pick the first group”, says Milan Ivanic from the Local Economic Development Office in Bac.

He adds that Szegedi SZEFO has been looking all over Vojvodina to lease production premises, and picked the municipality of Bac because it had offered to them a facility that spans 435 square metres which had been vacant for years.

(Dnevnik, 02.02.2018)


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