Hungarian Company Masterplast Invests 8.4M Euro and Hires 205 Workers

Masterplast has opened a fiberglass mesh factory in Subotica. It has invested 8.4 million Euro in the factory, which will hire 205 workers. The Serbian government has provided a two million Euro subsidy for the investment.

Masterplast YU is a part of the Hungarian Masterplast group.

The prime ministers of both countries, Aleksandar Vucic and Viktor Orban, were present for the factory opening.

Vucic said that Serbian economic growth is driven by an increase in exports and that new Hungarian investments in Serbia are expected to follow. Moreover, the Serbian prime minister stated that an increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses is important for Serbia because this allows for the creation of new jobs and ensures that taxes will be paid.

Orban thanked Vucic for the support that his government provided to the Hungarian company that will hire skilled and qualified Serbian workers. “This is an encouraging step that creates a positive outlook for both Serbia and Hungary and is also positive for the European Union,” Orban said, adding that Hungary has an interest in Serbia receiving a positive evaluation from the European Union.

Orban said that the EU is not just a collaboration between countries but also between regions and that Vojvodina is steadily becoming closer to Europe and connecting Serbia with Hungary as well as with the EU. The Hungarian prime minister said that the current government has implemented successful policies and that he hopes that relations with Serbia will also be good in the future.

(Beta, 13.04.2016.)

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