Hungarian company Arthur Bergmann to build a 65-million-euro water park in Bеčej

The Municipality of Bečej has recently sold several land plots along the Tisa River, where the Budapest-based company Arthur Bergmann, which has founded an eponymous subsidiary in Serbia, plans to build a 65-million-euro water park and a hotel.

The facility will span 10 hectares, it will be close to the Tisa shore in Bečej. Arthur Bergmann also plans to build a large four-star hotel here.

The construction of this large complex is due to begin in two years, said Miklos Gal, the general manager of Arthur Bergmann in Serbia.

The value of the land that the Municipality of Bečej sold to the Budapest-based company is valued at RSD 98.1 million.

Arthur Bergmann is currently building a four-star hotel in Zmaj Jovina Street in Bečej. As announced, the hotel should be completed next year. The value of the investment is estimated at EUR 2.5 million.

(RTV, 03.08.2021)

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