Hunan Gold Group: We hope to successfully cooperate with RTB Bor

CEO of the Chinese company Hunan Gold Group, Chen Ze Lu has visited the Mining and Smelting Basin Bor (RTB Bor), after which he said that the hoped for the two companies to successfully cooperate.

He was accompanied by the Director General of RTB Bor, Blagoje Spasovski. Ze Lu also visited the Veliki Krivelj strip mine, its floatation, the new smelting facility, and a sulphuric acid factory.

“We were quite impressed with the technology and the strip mines that we saw today. Hence, I think that we will have a successful cooperation with Bor to mutual satisfaction”, Chen Ze Lu added.

Spasovski touched upon the expertise that the company from the Hunan province, which is ten times the size of Serbia, have, and thanked the visitors from China for complimenting RTB Bor’s copper smelting technology and strip mines.

“I am glad to hear that the CEO of such a big Chinese company was impressed about RTB Bor. However, we still need funds to open more mines and have the smelting facility work at full capacity. Processing our own concentrate brings much bigger profit than us doing this with the imported raw materials”, Spasovski added.

In November, Serbia’s economy ministry said the government was trying to strike a deal that will allow a big Chinese company to enter RTB Bor, just like in the case of the steel group Zelezara Smederevo.

Hunan Gold Group is engaged in production of copper, gold, Antimony, lead and other metals, and it has a seat in the Chinese province of Hunan.

(RTS, 03.07.2017)


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