Huge protests announced for April 13 – Dragan Djilas to form a political party

The signatories of the Agreement with the People, written by the Serbian opposition block, demanded the removal of the authorities and free elections at all levels, a statement by the Alliance for Serbia said.

The opposition parties gave the government and president a deadline of 30 days to step down or face a large-scale protest in Belgrade on April 13.

“The citizens of Serbia have been protesting in more than 90 cities and towns for three months. The regime has ignored every demand for media freedom, reducing crime and abuse of power and increasing transparency in resolving the Kosovo issue. We have no more time to wait. It’s time for the current regime to leave”, the statement said.

The opposition is demanding the immediate resignations of President Aleksandar Vucic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic. “We want elections at all levels within six to nine months during which the media would be free and other opposition demands for fair elections are met,” it said.

According to the Alliance for Serbia, the first step towards having media freedom is the dismissal of the CEO and news programme editor at the state TV (RTS) and state-controlled Radio TV Vojvodina (RTV) and the dismissal of the regulatory body for electronic media (REM). The new RTS and RTV managements have to secure unbiased reporting on the public service broadcasters and the new REM must secure respect for the law on public information.

The statement said the authorities have a month to meet the demands or face a large protest in April. “In the meantime, we are continuing our full support for all 1in5 Million protests across Serbia,” it said.

In other news, one of the opposition leaders, Dragan Djilas has decided to form a new political party and will name it the Party of Freedom and Justice. Djilas is likely to make an official announcement by end of March.

An unidentified source said that the party would merge together the Green Ecological Party, Serbian Left Party, several groups of citizens from all parts of Serbia, as well as individuals that are affiliated with no party.

Djilas’s party will, according to the plan, immediately become a part of the opposition bloc Alliance for Serbia, as stipulated by its statute.

The source close to Djilas claims that the party will be advocating the same 30 principles outlined in the Alliance for Serbia’s programme.

(Danas, RTV, 12.03.2019)

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