Huge interest for Serbian raspberries – Arabic countries especially interested

New markets, such as Scandinavia and Arab countries, have become increasingly interested in buying raspberries from Serbia. The Arabs are even offering oil in exchange for Serbia’s most valuable fruit.

It is therefore not surprising that the current purchase price of raspberries is 600 dinars per kilogramme. Raspberry growers claim that the realistic price is between 650 and 800 dinars. Blackberries are also fetching a high price whereby a kilogramme goes for between 300 and 500 dinars.

“There is a decline in raspberry production this year in Chile and Poland, which raspberry markets are struggling,” explains Dobrivoj Radović, president of the Serbian Raspberry Association, adding: “At the beginning of the year, we estimated that due to last year’s drought, this year’s harvest was 30 percent lower. Those estimates, however, are now different. Because of the recent storms in raspberry-growing areas, we expect up to 50 percent smaller yield. This means that the current purchasing price is not bad, but if we take into consideration our costs, the price should be at least cover 800 dinars per kilogramme.”

As Radović explains, raspberries are now sold mainly near Šabac, at the price of between  550 to 600 dinars per kilogramme.

As for blueberries, according to 2021 data, there were about 2,500 hectares of blueberry plantations in Serbia. And the purchase price is expected to be around 6 euros per kilogramme. In recent years, the price of blueberries has averaged about 5.5 euros. Agricultural experts explain that blueberry growers have to wait at least five years for their return on investment. To open a blueberry plantation, spanning one hectare, one should invest between 70,000 to 100,000 euros.

(Blic, 16.06.2022)


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