Huge gap in average salaries across Serbia

The State Statistical Office has recently published the latest data about the average salary in May, with Novi Beograd topping the list, and the southern Serbian towns again being at the bottom of it.

With the average salary of 99,623 dinars, the Belgrade municipality of Surcin ranks first in terms of the biggest average net salary paid out in May 2017. The bottom of the list is occupied by Malo Crnice, a town in the municipality of Bor, with the average May salary of only 23,605 dinars, according to the State Statistical Office.

In regard to the top of the list, Novi Beograd is there too, in the second place, with the average May wage of 74,706 dinars, while the town of Kostolac takes the third place with 73,861 dinars.

The next on the list are two municipalities in South Serbia – Medvedja, with an average net wage in May of 68,784 dinars, and Kursumlija with 67,964 dinars. Lazarevac ranks sixth with 66,682 dinars.

Apart from Malo Crnice, the lowest average salaries in May were also registered in Babusnica – 24,746 dinars, Backi Petrovac – 25,397 dinars and Trgoviste – 25,444.

The average salary in Serbia in May 2017 stood at 47,136 dinars, which is a nominal drop of 0.5%, and a realistic drop by 4.5% compared to April. In the same month, the gross average salary amounted to 64,860 dinars which, again is a nominal drop of 5.0% and a realistic drop of 4.5% compared to the month before. Relative to the May 2016, the average wage, both gross and net, grew by 7.2% nominally, and 3.6% realistically.  

(Vecernje Novosti, 27.06.2017)

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