Huge demand for discounted theatre tickets in Belgrade

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade decided to reduce the prices of their tickets to 100 and 200 dinars respectively, and, once the word got out, the tickets sold out in record time.

The 100-dinar tickets are for the plays that performed on the Theatre’s Studio Stage, while 200-dinar tickets are for the plays performed on the Ljuba Tadic Stage.

The theatre did the same in 2015 (also with the support from Raiffeisen Bank), while the first discounted tickets campaign was launched in 2013 under the slogan “Discounted Art”.

The long queues that formed in front of the Theatre’s box office just shows that the Serbian population is hungry for culture, but it also, unfortunately, shows the financial dire straits that they live. If the ticket prices ranged from 25 to 100 EUR, the theatre would most likely be empty.

The Belgrade government does provide financial assistance to Belgrade theatres, but this assistance if far from adequate. To illustrate this, let us just mention that the city budget has allocated 72 million dinars for the celebration of New Year’s in 2017, while all other cultural events put together (FEST, BITEF, BEMUS, the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, SOFEST, BELEF, The Joy of Europe Festival, and the October Salon) got only 106 million dinars from the city budget.

(Blic, 25.12.2017)


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