How would people in Serbia resolve Kosovo issue?

As far as people in Serbia are concerned, the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina should continue indefinitely because they are advocating for the negotiations to continue without a deadline and without the recognition of Kosovo’s independence as one of the issues on the table.

Almost two-thirds of people in Serbia (62 percent) support such a dialogue, while only a fifth or 18 percent are against it – the latest survey conducted by CRTA showed.

“Almost a quarter (24%) of the surveyed citizens said that it was acceptable for Serbia to regain control over Kosovo with the support of Russia and improve its relations with the West, while it was completely or mostly unacceptable for more than half of the citizens (55%). The survey participants gave similar answers when asked whether Serbia should abandon the dialogue and freeze the conflict with Kosovo even though it would block Serbia’s EU accession chances – a fifth of citizens say that this is acceptable for them, while 55% say that it is not. The decision by which Serbia and Kosovo mutually recognize each other with the existing borders and become EU members is acceptable to a fifth of citizens (21%), but as many as 63% of citizens say that it is unacceptable for them,” CRTA says.

According to the survey, the solution that is based on the latest proposals by France and Germany, i.e. for Serbia not to recognize Kosovo’s independence, but to allow Kosovo to be a member of international organizations, is acceptable to 17% of citizens and unacceptable to 65%.

Finally, the solution that was discussed in previous years – the demarcation of Serbia and Kosovo, whereby the north of Kosovo should belong to Serbia and part of Preševo and Bujanovac to independent Kosovo – is acceptable to 16 percent of citizens, and unacceptable to two-thirds.

(Blic, 25.11.2022)

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