How to get to the seaside without losing your nerve?

The Kurir daily advises you how to avoid traffic jams and roads under construction by using side roads. This is the current situation on Serbian roads leading to seaside destinations.

In recent days, people travelling to Greece have complained about traffic jams, and in particular, the bottleneck near Lapovo, as well as near Batočina, Ćuprija and Paraćin. The traffic in those places the traffic is moving at a slow pace because the left-hand lane of the motorway to Belgrade is closed. The motorway exit for Paraćin and Zaječar, in the direction of Niš, is also closed, which it is recommended to take alternative roads.

AMSS (The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia) offers different solutions: “To avoid the slowdown near Lapovo, take an alternative road by taking the exit near Markovac. When you arrive in Batočine, you can re-enter the motorway at the Kragujevac toll booth.”

When you take an exit near Markovca, you will pass through Donja Rača, Vučić, Vojinovac and Desimirovac, after which you will arrive in Kragujevac. Pass through Jovanovac, Mlatovac and Gradac, and when you get to Batočina, you can re-enter the motorway.

Traffic during the holiday of Ilindan

One of the biggest problems on your way to Greece is queuing at border crossings. Between 15 July and 15 August, which is considered the top season, we advise that you use the Prohor Pčinjski border crossing between Serbia and North Macedonia, and the Dojran crossing between North Macedonia and Greece.

You should also avoid arriving in Evzoni border crossing at six o’clock in the morning Serbian time or seven Greek time, because that’s when the Greek customs officers and policemen change shifts so the wait will be at least half an hour providing there are no queues.

Drivers say that the queues at the Evzoni and Bogorodica border crossings are very short after 5 pm and that you will probably pass the passport control pretty quickly if you arrive in Evzoni around 4 am.

 The critical days to travel through North Macedonia are August 2 (which falls on Friday this year) because of the Macedonian national holiday of Ilindan, and August 28 when the North Macedonians are celebrating the holiday the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. On both these dates, there are usually long queues at the Macedonian border crossings.

(Kurir, 23.07.2019)


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