How much will you pay for fuel if you drive through neighbouring countries this summer?

Fuel prices in the regional countries constantly vary, and according to the latest information, the cheapest fuel is currently sold in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

As the summer holiday season begins, for those who plan to go on vacation by their own car, it is important to know how much they will have to pay for fuel in which country.

According to the latest information from Friday, June 2, in Serbia, a litre of Eurodiesel costs a maximum of 182 dinars (1.55 euros), while Europremium BMB 95 petrol costs a maximum of 176 dinars per litre (1.50 euros). These prices are valid until June 9.


According to the data compiled by the European Commission from May 29 of this year, in Croatia, the price of diesel is EUR 1.39 per litre, while petrol is slightly cheaper – EUR 1.37.


As the Bulgarian coast has become very popular with Serbian tourists, more and more of our citizens spend their summer in this neighbouring country. The price of diesel fuel in this country is 1.24 euros per litre, while a litre of petrol costs 1.29 euros.


A litre of petrol in Romania retails for 1.34 euros per litre, while a litre of diesel is sold for 1.33 euros, according to data from the European Commission.


A large number of Serbian citizens spend their summers in neighboring Montenegro. For those who decide to spend their holidays there this year, it is useful to know that the current price of diesel per litre is 1.34 euros, while the price of petrol is much higher and amounts to 1.50 euros, as shown on the Global Petrol Prices website.


Although a small number of Serbian citizens decide to go on vacation to Albania, there are still significantly more of them now than before the pandemic, when Albania was one of the few countries to which you could travel from Serbia without restrictions. A litre of petrol in Albania is currently 1.57 euros, which is the same price as diesel.

North Macedonia

According to Global Petrol Prices, diesel costs 1.12 euros per litre, while petrol costs 1.30 euros per litre.


Bosnia and Herzegovina traditionally keeps its fuel prices low, so according to the latest data, a litre of diesel in this country costs 1.25 euros, while a litre of petrol is sold for 1.32 euros.


Given that the largest number of our citizens vacation in Greece, it is useful to know that in this country diesel costs 1.56 euros per litre, while the price of petrol per litre is 1.86 euros.

(Danas, 08.06.2023)

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