How much will vacationing in Greece cost this year?

Judging from the information provided by Serbian travel agencies, the prices of summer holiday arrangements in Greece will be approximately the same as in summer 2019.

The agencies say that they do not expect prices to drop significantly, because there were no tourism activities last year, hence owners of holiday accommodation in Greece are not in a position to lower their prices.

Since Monday, when the Greek tourism minister announced that Greece would be opening its borders to Serbian citizens in May, the travel agencies’ switchboards have been flooded with phone calls and requests for information.

The director of the Viva travel agency, Jelena Milanović, says that they did not expect so many people to call and inquire about holidaying in Greece following the announcement of the Greek tourism minister.

“We can’t follow up on all the requests or answer all the calls. People with replacement vouchers are also calling in droves, as well as those who want to book a new vacation,” she says and adds that tourists with replacement vouchers are willing to holiday anywhere in Greece.

In terms of holiday prices this year, she says that the Viva travel agency has already reached an agreement with the Greek holiday accommodation owners on prices. The prices were agreed in 2019, when contracts were also. For instance, a holiday in Greece in the pre-season, that is for 10 nights in May and June, is sold for only 49 euro per person.

Kontiki Travel Agency says that, since Monday, they have had a significantly higher number of calls from interested tourists. They will release their prices in 10 to 15 days which won’t be much different to those from 2019.

Andrej Todorović from Kontiki says that the first prices to be released are those for vacationing in northern Greece (the Chalkidiki peninsula) followed by the Greek islands.

(Vesti-online, 31.03.2021)



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