How much will the Stefan Nemanja monument in Belgrade cost?

Several professors of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade have asked the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade to provide them with an overview of the costs associated with the construction of the monument to the medieval Serbian king, Stefan Nemanja, in line with the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Interest.

In the letter, the five professors stated that the construction of the monument in honour of Stefan Nemanja was initiated and carried out by the state and city authorities and therefore ask the Secretariat for Culture of the Belgrade Municipal Administration, as the body that commissioned the works, to inform public opinion on all costs that include the entire process of starting, building, transporting and erecting the monument, as well as making public information about the companies and individuals who have performed these tasks and the dates of the conclusion of all contracts, as well as the source of funding for these costs.

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“The construction of the Stefan Nemanja monument by the Russian artist, Alexander Rukavishnikov is at the centre of public attention, so obtaining complete information on all aspects of this process is extremely important,” they said in the letter.

The request was submitted by professors Dubravka Stojanović, Ognjen Radonjić, Sasa Brajović, Nenad Makuljević and Milan Vukomanović.

(Nova, 10.09.2020)

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