How much will a skiing holiday in Serbia cost this upcoming season?

A week-long skiing holiday in the mountains of Kopaonik, Zlatibor or Stara Planina will set you back between 250 and 2,500 euros, and in December, the stay will cost you twice as much as in January.

Also, the prices of ski passes have considerably gone up. Skiing is normally considered an expensive sport, but this season skiers will have to bear much higher costs because the price of ski pass and accommodation in the Serbian mountains is increasing. The accommodation price has increased between 10 and 15 per cent.

From 2000 until last season, the price of a ski pass on Kopaonik Mountain has increased by about 100 per cent. The price of a one-day ski pass ten years ago was EUR 15, while in 2021/22 season it will be EUR 33.2. A six-day ski pass in 2003 cost 69.4 euro, while last year the price was 148 euro. A seven-day ski pass cost 69 euro 10 years ago and 164.3 euro last season.

In Zlatibor, a one-day ski pass last ski season cost 2,400 dinars (20 euros), a six-day ski pass cost 9,600 dinars (80 euros) and a seven-day ski pass cost 10,500 dinars (90 euros).

Last year, the price of a one-day ski pass for skiing on Stara Planina was 2,400 dinars (20 euros), a six-day pass was 9,600 dinars (80 euros) and a seven-day pass was 10,800 dinars (92 euros).

However, if you book your winter holiday several months in advance, you can get significant discounts. “If you are planning a winter holiday this year, it is best to book in September or October. You can get a discount of even 30 to 40 per cent. If you book now, you actually pay five days for a seven-day winter stay and get two days free,” Miloš Jovović, director of the Travelland agency, says and adds that he thoroughly recommends Stara Planina as “it offers the best value for money”.

Milan Lainović, vice-president of the National Association of Tourist Agencies Yuta, says that the majority of winter accommodations are already booked.

 Kopaonik still holds the title of the most expensive national winter destination. Seven nights for two people in private accommodation on the Kopaonik Mountain in December cost an average of 28,080 dinars, or about 4,000 dinars per day. If you still decide to go on a winter holiday in January, after the New Year holidays and in the middle of the school break and ski season, you will spend twice as much for the same accommodation, i.e. up to 54,720 dinars.

If you choose hotel accommodation with half board for two people, it will set you back 62,404 dinars in December, and for the same seven days in January as much as 178,298 dinars.

(Kurir, 22.09.2022)

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