How much Lithium does Serbia have compared to other countries?

Lithium reserves have recently become one of the hot topics in Serbia, following the news that Serbia has 10% of the world’s reserves of this metal and the largest lithium reserves in Europe.

The Geological Topographic Institute of the United States of America published an analysis on this topic late last month. According to the study, and as a result of continuous research, the identified lithium resources have increased significantly worldwide and amount to about 86 million tons, including 7.9 million in the United States.

The ranking is as follows:

  1. Bolivia – 21 million tons;
  2. Argentina – 19.3 million tons;
  3. Chile – 9.6 million tons;
  4. Australia – 6.4 million tons;
  5. China – 5.1 million tons;
  6. Congo – 3 million tons;
  7. Canada – 2.9 million tons;
  8. Germany – 2.7 million tons;
  9. Mexico – 1.7 million tons;
  10. Czech Republic – 1.3 million tons.

Serbia would be in 11th place, with 1.2 million tons, followed by Peru (880,000 tons), Mali (700,000 tons), Zimbabwe (500,000 tons), Brazil (470,000 tons), Spain (300,000 tons), Portugal (270,000 tons), Ghana (90,000 tons) and Austria, Finland, Kazakhstan and Namibia with 50,000 tons each.

According to the above list, Serbia has the third biggest lithium resources in Europe.

The research focused on resources that are not reserves. As the American authors explain, resources represent the concentration of materials in their natural form, in such a form and quantity that economic separation of goods from the concentration is currently or potentially feasible, while reserves refer to quantities that can be extracted at a given time.

(eKapija, 18.02.2021)



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