How much do top Serbian athletes earn?

The average net salary in Serbia in May was 86,220 dinars and for many it was unattainable since every other worker in Serbia earns less than 65,000 dinars.

 On the other hand, our most successful and popular fellow citizens, mostly athletes, have astronomical salaries in the countries where they play, so large that their amount is difficult to understand without putting it in a context understandable to an “ordinary” person and the average salary in Serbia.

So, for example, Nikola Jokić, a Serbian basketball player who plays for Denver Nuggets, a two-time MVP and the current NBA champion, earns over five billion dinars annually.

This means that Jokić receives about 462,749,930 dinars per month.

If you still don’t understand how much that is, it might help if we say that it is 5,367 average salaries in Serbia. Or, in order for the average person to earn a single monthly salary of Nikola Jokić, they would have to work for 447 years.

FC Juventus player Dušan Vlahović has a lower salary than Jokić, and it amounts to 58,800,000 dinars per month, which is still 681 times more than the average worker’s salary in our country.

To earn this amount of money, the average citizen of Serbia would have to work for 57 years.

Footballer Sergej Milinković-Savić, who plays for FC Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia, earns 292,500,000 dinars per month. That is 3,392 average Serbian salaries or 282 years of work for an ordinary Serbian citizen.

The mentioned earnings are pre-tax and to them we should add money they earn from sponsorships, premiums, etc.

(Danas, 27.07.2023)

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