How much do Serbian MPs cost the taxpayer?

According to the report compiled by the Serbian Court of Auditors, salaries, contributions, expense reimbursements, per diems and other expenses for employees of the National Assembly in 2021 amounted to approximately 1.2 billion dinars.

Of this amount, 768 million dinars went to ‘salaries, allowances and compensation of employees’, 283 million dinars for the performance of parliamentary duties and 484 million dinars for professional and administrative technical support to MPs.

The report reveals that 4.2 million dinars went for ‘remuneration in kind’ to employees of the National Assembly, while 7.7 million dinars went for social benefits to employees.

A total of 133 million dinars was spent on parliamentary allowances, about 94 million dinars were paid to reimburse employee expenses, which cover costs of those MPs who don’t live in Belgrade, transport to and from work and accommodation for selected persons. Thus, 2.7 million dinars were spent on accommodation, while bonuses and ‘other special expenses’ amounted to 67 million dinars.

The National Parliament spent 91 million dinars on travel expenses, including 50 million dinars for domestic travel and 41 million dinars abroad.

The National Parliament spent 43.9 million dinars on meals and beverages. This budget item was classified under ‘salaries, allowances and benefits of employees’, instead of under the category ‘remuneration in kind’, which is not in accordance with the existing regulation, the Court says.

Furthermore, the payment of the allowance for the use of a private car for business purposes in the total amount of 73 million dinars was shown in the category ‘reimbursement of employee expenses’, instead under ‘travel expenses related to regular employment. ‘If this practice (of misclassifying expenses) continues, there is a risk that incorrect data is presented in the Parliament’s financial reports’, warns the Court of Auditors.

(, 28.07.2022)


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