How much do people in Serbia believe pro-government media?

People in Serbia get most of their information about political and social issues from TV (62 percent) and the Internet (40 percent), according to a public opinion survey conducted by the CRTA organization from September 24 to October 3 this year.

Of the television channels, RTS (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation) is the most watched, while is the most popular news website.

49% of cable users watch TV programmes via service provider Telekom Serbia and 37% via SBB.

The majority of interviewed people trust only the media with a pro-government editorial policy, 18 percent believe media that are critical of the government and 11 percent follow both anti- and pro-government media.

As many as four out of five citizens (80%) believe that the role of the media in shaping political attitudes is very or predominantly important. Also, more than half of the citizens think that the media in Serbia are under the significant political influence (55%).

In terms of political and social issues, the largest percentage of surveyed citizens (39 percent) respect and see experts as credible, more than any other actors and sources of information.

(Danas, 23.11.2022)


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